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High in the surrounding deeply creviced Mountains of Ceres lies the Kouebokkeveld where seasonally,
life succumbs to the silent dictates of Mother Nature.

City slickers might arrive in awe of the breath-taking natural scenic beauty, but will soon feel overwhelmed by the sheer space of life out in this rural tranquility as the average person has allowed themselves to become separated from Nature.

EasyBeesy began like most of us in the Kouebokkeveld with a rogue swarm simply arriving but not having somewhere to call their own, being forced to move on. For most of us, by the time the next swarm arrived, a hive was in place with a welcome mat.

And so for many is the beginning of backyard honey collecting, which is not without its dangers for the human factor and exhausting for bees.

By combining perfectionism with a deep knowledge and respect for bees, Garrick and Carmen ‘discovered’ a concept that most importantly gives the Bees security, relieving them of the arduous duty of remaking their all efficient honeycomb whilst allowing you the “wannaBee backyard honey producer” the ease of taking smaller quantities when needed, ensuring that at all times the health of your hive remains at its peak.

Experiencing life through the heart of a family is often painful to merely observe in silence but with Garrick and Carmen as a couple, they eagerly shared the dreams of their bright future together. Their sons soon filled their hearts with even more dreams, yet they chose to grow their family in the full presence of nature. Enduring the remote heart stopping moments of high temperatures at midnight, kids’ parties, sleepovers and the arduous traipsing between farm duties and the duties of having young children at school never missing a meeting and always joyfully on the side-lines of their boys growing sporting prowess.

As a buyer being young and competent on the internet does make online shopping easier, yet when one is committing hard earned money on such a spend as their amazing ‘honey on tap’ homes for Bees will still be daunting, but doing business with Garrick and Carmen is as certain as it is that if we don’t afford our bees some real protection, our children’s children will never know the breath-taking sweetness of honey from a hive of bees.

They will never know so much that our lives depend on.

Garrick and Carmen are our friends and nearest neighbours in the Kouebokkeveld for all of fifteen years and more. They are as dependable as the Bees and a very real joy to have known for so long.

Written by Barbie Lightbody

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