Honey Extractor


Honey Extractor Tank – Manual 201s/steel barrel and 304s/steel inner basket with legs and a plastic honey gate

Barrel Diameter: 47cm
Height: 60cm
Inner basket size: 42 x 26cm

4 Frame Brood / 8 Frame Super

Honey Extractors are essential for the extraction of honey from honeycomb (traditional frames). Also called honey spinners, they extract the honey from the honey comb by centrifugal force. With this method the wax comb stays intact within the frame and can be reused by the bees. The extracted honey may be decanted through the honey gate into buckets. For beekeepers looking to extract a large amount of honey from a lot of frames, this is the best bet due to its ease of use and efficiency. This manual radial extractor is the best value for money!

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